The ST 4000 Fuel monitoring system consists of the following main components :

  • Fuel Sensor – Measures of level of fuel level in
    fuel tank and send this information to ST4000 monitoring module.
    Accuracy of < 1mm
  • ST 4000 Fuel monitoring module – This collects
    information from the fuel sensor and send the information to the base
    monitoring station over GPRS/GSM interface.
  • Fuel Monitoring station – Fuel monitoring station
    consists of our latest Android Apps/Web/Desktop based applications.
    These station need to be connected to the internet via static IP to
    enable ST4000 module to send the data 24×7. These data are either stored
    and used for the analyzing purpose nor used for the online monitoring
    of your fleets.

With our Fuel cum Fleet Monitoring solutions you can

  • Stop the fuel pilferage
  • Analyze driver performance
  • Decrease the running cost of your fleets
  • Improve the fleet Utilization
  • Fine Tune Vehicle Performance

ST 4000 Features :

  • GPRS, SMS, Email Alarms
  • History data storage
  • Built-in Battery Back-up for 6 hours
  • GPS open/Close detection
  • Camera (Optional)
  • Multiple fuel sensor (optional)
  • Blind area supplementary uploading
  • Domain name supporting
  • Hot spot
  • Geo Fence