Our mission in providing HR services is to build a globally competent human capital solution for companies which will add value to our client organization.

Our frim enthusiastically performs its work cater the man power necessities, which helps us to build relations.

VAct HR services understands how crucial it is to find the right employee who can contribute to the success of the company’s business. We need people with the same level of experience and exposure to understand the unique way of functioning the HR services which VAct provides.

Our process for finding the right candidate undergoes the following sequential steps:

  •  Identifying candidates
  • Shortlisting and Screening
  • Placement and follow-up



VAct provides temporary staffing solutions that offer you to build your staffing strength without absorbing candidates as full timers with your company. VAct temporary staffing services allows candidates to temporarily work with another employer who will stay on our rolls with standardized contracted procedures that VAct will handle.

  •  We recruit your needs
  •  Decrease your cost
  •  Reduce administrative cost


Contract staffing has been in existence for a quite longer period but these days it is becoming prominent in every hiring space. Contract staffing is advantageous for both business and employees. VAct has a flexible way of finding candidates for short projects which will help employees get to chart out a clear career path by progressively handling more real time challenging work. This actually tides over seasonal contract staffing.


The most important space in the contingent staffing is to understand the changing needs of the market space to deliver to the organizations needs. VAct manages various categories of talent to deliver a strategic outcome to the clients.


When the organization decides to expand the project, this leads to consumption of the resource for the core activities. Staffing and recruitment outsourcing provided by VAct allows the firm to focus on their business without sacrificing the quality of the service as we focus on the core testing of the staff.

VAct provides better quality candidates as we have a strategic inhouse team which provides the exact match of the skills required for our client.

Vact helps in faster hiring which does not affect the bottom-line position of the company.

VAct staff outsourcing helps to lower the cost of hiring and training also helps in cost reduction right from advertising , interview, background checking and skill testing .