VAct Technologies

VAct (pronounced  ‘We Act’) is an ISO 9001:2015 embedded product developer established in 2007 providing IT/engineering solutions to many automobile OEM’s and Tier 1 companies in India. VAct has core competency for a decade in serving complex and high technology hardware and software development systems and solutions. We help customers in the following different ways:

  • deployment of high technology solutions in embedded systems and CAD/CAM modeling
  • proof of concept designs for our customers
  • Contract to hire models for our customers to wrap up a team of engineers 
  • qualified, motivated and flexible internal professional workforce team at disposal for our client/customers
  •  quality, reliability and innovation that reduces our customers’ time to market


To Innovate and Develop exceptional technology applications. Giving unparalleled cost effective solutions for ever changing business environment.


Creating unique, concept to product design, value added services for our clients.