Offshore outsourcing is currently looked upon as a value enhancer that helps organizations to streamline their core operations at a significant cost advantage. The value enhancers of the outsourcing model stem from the following realities:

  • * Concentration on the core business operations
  • * Gaining additional momentum in providing complete services to customers by leveraging the framework provided through outsourcing
  • * Building confidence in organizations to venture into new realms of business
  • * Offshore outsourcing also provides the added advantage of cost effectiveness, quicker turnaround times, and minimizing customer attrition through non local outsourcing.

VAct has been playing an effective role in meeting various software outsourcing needs by providing a gamut of services ranging from creative design to independent third party verification and validation services. We were able to diversify our service offerings which started with software development and maintenance and encompassed all other value added services associated with this domain of software services.

Our well defined and tested processes have enabled us to transition into offering a wide range of services by sustaining the same quality, effectiveness and responsiveness that define our service standards.

Offshore Dedicated Resources

Based on Skills & Experience for a fixed duration, We deploy, supervise and manage your staff at our facility for any hardware, PCB design, software, embedded/VLSI development, and maintenance, technical or business-critical activity to run your business at our offshore facility in India.

These people work directly under your command in shifts you require them or can be available for you on a daily/weekly basis during your day time for reporting. We supervise them on your behalf so that you get the best possible output without taking any chance.

  • * Upon getting a requirement we draft a person’s profile. This profile, which includes your desired qualifications in a person and required experience, is circulated among our human resource data banks. We then provide you with a choice of resumes to narrow down the ideal candidate. Once you have short listed, you can then interview them before final selection.
  • * Normally a 1-year contract is desirable which makes it fair for the candidate as well as allows you to choose from better candidates. Full time equivalent rate / Billing rate for 160 hrs / month, one year commitment are quoted to you with every resume.
  • * Billing is done semi-monthly and payable in advance.
  • * One time set up fee will be charged for each candidate.
  • * Ideal for small number of developers and to start off a long-term relationship.